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The 56th New Mexico Legislature begins January 17, 2023, and we are already engaged in discussions around wildlife management modernization, conservation finance, pollinator protection and funding for wildlife crossings. 

Defenders of Wildlife continues to advocate for New Mexican wildlife and wild places in the 2023 legislative session, but we need your help!

We are asking New Mexicans to be ready to educate legislators about how these bills might help wildlife. Be ready to call your legislators and stand up for wildlife. We are coordinating with other conservation organizations, working with tribal leaders who support these bills, and commenting before the Legislature to ensure lawmakers are aware of the benefits these bills will bring to our wildlife and what it will mean for our future generations. 

Tools to Speak Up in New Mexico

  • Testifying via Zoom: The public is welcome to speak on a bill during a committee hearing.
  • Find out who your legislators are, and how to contact them, by using this roster of the New Mexico Legislature.
  • You can also send a message to a Committee.
  • The current session began January 17, 2023.

Tools for Making Your Voice Heard

Individual and collective advocacy are the most effective tools to drive lasting change in America. Write an LTE (Letter to the Editor), send a message to your legislator, set up a meeting, speak out on social media and raise your voice for Montana’s wildlife.

Our Activist Hub has tips to make your voice heard whichever way you choose.

Wildlife and Wild Places

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