Protection Status

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Endangered Species Act

The Chinese River dolphin, the Indus River dolphin, and the killer whale are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.


IUCN Red List

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ll species of dolphin are protected under CITES. The snubfin dolphin, amazon River dolphin, Indo-pacific humpbacked dolphin and the Atlantic humpbacked dolphin are listed in Appendix I, which prohibits commercial trade. All other dolphins are listed in Appendix II, which allows commercial trade as long as it does not endanger a species' survival.

Marine Mammal Protection Act

All dolphins are protected the Marine Mammal Protection Act; six species (bottlenose, Chinese river, Indus River, orca/killer whale, spinner dolphin, spotted dolphin) are designated as a depleted species, with three getting the further classification of endangered, which means they are further protected under the Endangered Species Act (see above).