Protection Status


Endangered Species Act

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IUCN Red List

IUCN Red List: Over 200 species of shark are listed on the Red List, with statuses ranging from critically endangered to near threatened. Many shark species are listed as data deficient, meaning more research is needed to discover their current population.

A recent report from the IUCN shows that one-quarter of all shark, ray and chimaera species are threatened.

Appendix II »


The great white shark, whale shark, and basking shark are listed under Appendix II.

Thanks in part to hard work in advocacy and education from Defenders and our colleagues, three species of hammerheads (smooth, great and scalloped), oceanic whitetip sharks, porbeagle sharks and two species of mantas entered the CITES listing, Appendix II in March 2013. They will enter into force in September 2014.