Carmela French headshot

Carmela French

Recruiting Manager
Washington, DC

Joining the pack at Defenders, Carmela French brings recruiting, HR, operations, and communications experience from a decade across private industry and grassroots/grasstops organizing.

In previous roles, she has developed talent and employer branding, national operations policies and procedures, implemented professional development curriculum, and promoted inclusive internal culture.

Raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, she first learned of conservation through Defenders' reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone in the 1990s. Defenders' work introduced her to the power everyday voices could have in the determination of lands and wild resources. Defenders was the introduction to what became a lifetime of activism and advocacy. Carmela attended New College of Florida, researching conservation practices and developing a deep attachment to bromeliads, roseate spoonbills and the Everglades. 

At Defenders, Carmela is responsible for recruitment, developing our talent brand and supporting cultural initiatives. Carmela believes that every human can utilize their skills to solve the global problems we face: climate change, habitat loss and rapid decline of biodiversity. Our careers should provide us with community, fulfillment and continued existence on this planet. 

Carmela is a Climate Reality Leader. She is involved with several climate action initiatives, domestic animal rescue organizations, and voraciously consumes public health data. On her days off you may find her hiking through Rock Creek with her rescue cocker spaniel, supporting low-cost animal vaccine initiatives or continuing her justice journey through education, conversation and outreach. Join her in answering the #callofthewild. 

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