Diane Dotson

Diane Dotson

National Outreach Manager
Government Relations and External Affairs
Washington, DC

Areas of Expertise: youth organizing, advocacy

Diane is the National Outreach Representative for Defenders’ national outreach team based in D.C. Her work primarily focuses on youth engagement through our campus club program, advocating for national legislative priorities, as well as general engagement with our activists nationwide.

Prior to working at Defenders of Wildlife, Diane worked on the Cory Booker presidential campaign as a field organizer in South Carolina. She completed her master’s research in Central India, focusing on human dimensions of wildlife, specifically human-tiger conflict. Diane also holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology from Clemson University.

Raised in North Carolina, Diane has studied tropical conservation biology in Costa Rica, guided safaris in India, co-led a tiger conservation student organization, Tigers for Tigers, and worked on wild and captive big cat issues in Florida. She is also an experienced dog foster mom and is involved in local pet rescues.

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Gwen Dobbs
Gwen Dobbs
Director of Media Relations
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