Erica Prather

Erica Prather

National Outreach Representative
Government Relations and External Affairs

Areas of Expertise: editorial, grassroots organizing

Erica brings a wide array of experiences to her work, including over a decade of editorial pursuits creating films, podcasts, and the written word. Originally from Kansas, she has taught science in South Korea, guided in Alaska, mended trails with the Environment Agency of Iceland, and worked as a campaign assistant for Colorado-based environmental non-profit Rocky Mountain Wild. In Arizona, Erica is inspired to create community around conservation-oriented values, finding joy in the intersections of a wide variety of world-views. She is motivated to empower constituents throughout the state to vocalize their concerns to their members of Congress, often through creative collaboration. The desert Southwest is a source of perpetual beauty and mystery - Erica is honored to act as one of many stewards of this landscape and its biodiversity.

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Gwen Dobbs
Gwen Dobbs
Director of Media Relations
(202) 772-0269

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