Sagebrush, Photo: Tom Koerner/USFWS
© Tom Koerner/USFWS

Sagebrush Sea

What We’re Doing to Help

Sage-grouse are an indicator species for the Sagebrush Sea and presently the subject of a massive conservation planning process on federal public lands in the West.

Defenders is deeply engaged in this effort to conserve sagebrush habitat for sage-grouse and more than 350 other sensitive species in the Sagebrush Sea. In Washington, DC, we are urging the Obama administration and Congressional representatives to strengthen conservation initiatives for sage-grouse, and out West we are diligently working to ensure that new development won’t harm the species. 

Defenders’ Renewable Energy team is leading the environmental community in comments related to assessing the impacts of transmission lines on wildlife in the Sagebrush Sea and has focused on making recommendations to refine habitat evaluation for sage-grouse in order to create a net conservation benefit through mitigation. By making net conservation benefit real at the project level, the recovery of the grouse and continued, responsibly sited development can be made complementary rather than mutually exclusive.