Ryan Wilbur


Areas of Expertise: Human-wildlife coexistence, wolf conservation. 

Ryan Wilbur

Ryan works to restore wolves to Colorado through collaborative efforts with nonprofit agencies, livestock producers, sportsman, state/federal agencies, universities, and local communities. Through these efforts, he hopes to help construct a solid foundation for wolf recovery and management in Colorado. Ryan’s work involves numerous outreach projects aimed at increasing community awareness about gray wolf behavior, ecology, and options for reestablishing the species in Colorado. He is also working with livestock producers to discuss viable non-lethal programs to reduce potential livestock-wolf conflicts.  

Prior to coming to Defenders, Ryan recently completed his Master’s in environmental management, where his research explored human-black bear conflict reporting in Durango, Colorado. He has also worked extensively on field projects emphasizing wolf conservation and management. Specifically, he has worked in Alberta, Canada and Idaho with the Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, Yellowstone National Park with the National Park Service, and in Arizona and New Mexico with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. He has also worked on a range of human-wildlife conflict projects focused on black bears, caracal, and jackal. 

Ryan holds a BA and Masters in Environmental Management from Western State Colorado University.