With their striking looks and tell-tale howl, gray wolves are a symbol of the West. Once found throughout the state of Colorado and across the West, wolves were systematically killed by shooting, trapping and poisoning throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Now, it’s been more than 75 years since we’ve last heard their howl in the Southern Rockies. This November, we can change the course of history for wolves. Coloradans have an opportunity to vote YES on Proposition 114 to bring back the wolf and help restore the natural balance to the Centennial State for future generations. Join us and help “Restore the Howl” this November.  

Gray wolf eyes Denali AK
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Vote for Wolves

For over 20 years, Coloradans have consistently supported the return of gray wolves to the Southern Rockies—one 2020 poll found 84% approved of reintroduction. Proposition 114 is on the Colorado state ballot this November. If approved, it would direct Colorado Parks and Wildlife to develop a plan to restore and manage gray wolves, and to take the steps necessary to begin reintroductions by December 31, 2023, based on the best available science and public input.

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6 Reasons to Bring Back Wolves

  • Wolves lived as part of a well-balanced ecosystem for thousands of years in Colorado
  • Reintroducing Colorado’s wolves will help restore the natural balance. Science makes clear that native species like the wolf are essential to ecosystem health and integrity
  • As a top predator, wolves stop deer and elk from over-browsing plants along streams, improving songbird, beaver, and fish habitat
  • Since the reintroduction of gray wolves to the Northern Rockies, wolves have helped to improve the health of elk herds, with Idaho, Montana and Wyoming all reporting bigger herds today than before the reintroduction of the wolf
  • Colorado represents the best remaining, unoccupied habitat for wolves, with over 17 million acres of public lands on the Western Slope and the largest elk herd in the country
  • We owe it to future generations to restore and preserve Colorado’s iconic wildlife

Fact vs Fiction

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