Accessibility Statement for Individuals with Disabilities 

Defenders of Wildlife strives to be a place of inclusivity. To that end, we are committed to ensuring that our websites and mobile versions are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Defenders of Wildlife follows the commonly used Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure digital content is:

  • Perceivable: Content is presented in an easily perceivable manner. Examples include offering alternatives to text, such as audio alternatives or assistive technology, that allow sight-impaired individuals to perceive your website's content.

  • Operable: Navigation is easy to operate. Examples include offering keyboard accessibilities so users with disabilities can easily navigate your website and access content.

  • Understandable: Content is easy to understand. Examples include making content readable and predictable and offering input assistance if needed.

  • Robust: Your website's content can be interpreted by various devices and platforms. For example, you want to ensure content is compatible with user agents like assistive technologies.

Please notify customer service toll-free at 1-800-385-9712 if you are having any sort of issue with our websites. We will address your request as soon as possible.

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