Washington, DC

Conservation Groups Call on Congress to Fund Imperiled Species

146 organizations called on Congress today to fund specific programs administered by U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that conserve and recover species headed for extinction.
Washington, DC

No Place to Nest: Protecting the Ever-shrinking Habitat of the Golden-Cheeked Warbler

The beautiful, brightly colored golden-cheeked warbler has returned to Texas from Central America to breed and start a new generation. Unfortunately, these songbirds may not have a home to return to if their woodland habitat continues to disappear at the current rate.
Washington, DC

Take Down the Wall to Protect Imperiled Species

In addition to harming human communities, border wall construction in recent years has destroyed some of the nation’s most valuable wildlife habitat and blocked critical wildlife movement at a continental scale, including within national parks, wildlife refuges, monuments and wilderness areas.

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Washington, DC

Biden Administration Releases Pro-Wildlife, Environment Budget Proposal

Today, President Biden released top-line spending numbers for departments and federal agencies that will prioritize funding for climate change, renewable energy projects and wildlife conservation
Washington, DC

Secretary Haaland in Utah to Discuss Restoration of Utah National Monuments

This week, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland is in Utah meeting with stakeholders, Tribes and elected leaders to inform the White House’s next steps regarding the
Washington, DC

Groups Sue to Prevent Imperiled Sea Turtles From Drowning in Fishing Nets

Conservation groups filed a lawsuit today to prevent sea turtles from drowning when they get caught in shrimp trawl nets in the Gulf of Mexico and southeast Atlantic.
Sacramento, Calif.

Salmon Fishers Can Help Save Sea Otters

This weekend marked the beginning of the recreational salmon season in the ocean south of San Francisco, and anglers will flock to harbors along the central California coast to launch their boats and try their luck. This increased fishing activity brings concerns about sea otter safety as more boaters venture into waters where hard-to-spot sea otters forage for food.
Washington, DC

Defenders Applauds Biden’s American Jobs Plan

Today in Pittsburgh, President Biden announced his American Jobs Plan, which will speed up the transition to clean energy, repeal subsidies and foreign tax credits or the fossil fuel industry and tackle social and racial inequities in energy development.
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