September 8, 2017

Your weekly roundup of wildlife news from across the country




Tiger swallowtail butterfly by Jessica Maclean Camp Verde, AZ



Facing another catastrophic wildfire season, Congress must act:

Congress is back and ready to get down to business with a full docket to weigh in on that could include numerous attacks on our cherished wildlife and wild places. We’ve compiled a quick hit list of the five biggest issues Congress is likely to take up for you to keep an eye on in the coming weeks:

Stalking the rusty patched bumble bee:

How Climate Change Will Affect Animal Migration, in One Map:





In New Mexico:

During the last week of August, Defenders of Wildlife staff attended a wildlife connectivity workshop in Taos, NM to discuss corridors across land ownership in New Mexico and Colorado. The Upper Rio Grande Watershed spans the two states and contains federal, state, tribal and private lands that all contribute to important wildlife migrations. The objective of all the stakeholder groups is to ensure wildlife can move freely through the landscape unhindered by fences, highways and other barriers. Senator Martin Heinrich attended and gave the keynote address and Defenders of Wildlife was a co-sponsor of the event.

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