Help protect wildlife for future generations and enjoy tax advantages by making a gift of stock to Defenders of Wildlife.

Things to Remember

  • Let us know the stock is coming and the type and number of shares that will be transferred. We need this information to credit you properly and issue the receipt you will need for tax purposes.

  • You can completely avoid capital gains tax by making a charitable gift of stock. Please note, too, that the stock contributed needs to have been held by you for more than 12 months to garner the greatest tax savings.

  • Giving mutual funds is another great way to give with tax savings. Please call to let us know if you plan to transfer mutual funds as we have to ready an account on our end first.

Electronic Transfers

If your gift will be transferred electronically by DTC, have your broker contact:

Jim Luerssen at 202-772-0260 or via email.

Account Name: Defenders of Wildlife
Tax ID # 53-0183181

Stock Certificates

If the stock is in certificate form, mail the certificate and a completed stock power form (available from your financial services provider) in separate envelopes to the address below. For security purposes, send the certificate by registered mail with return receipt requested to:

Jim Luerssen
Defenders of Wildlife
1130 17th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

For more information about how to transfer securities to Defenders of Wildlife, please contact Jim Luerssen at 202-772-0260 or via email.

The material presented on this web site is not offered as legal or tax advice. Please seek the counsel of your tax advisor, attorney and/or financial planner to review tax calculations to ensure that a contemplated gift is appropriate for your situation.