The most beautiful part about nature is how many different types of animals, plants and land areas are able to thrive within it – all of them play an important role in keeping their environment healthy. At Defenders of Wildlife, our goal is to make sure animals all over the United States aren’t losing these places that they need to live. This means travelling everywhere from the muddy coastal marshes of North Carolina all to snow covered mountains of Alaska! Our staff around the country works to share all this information about animals and their homes with you. 

As a Junior Defender, it can be exciting to imagine the incredible wildlife and landscapes that stretch far beyond your window – with our printable activities resources you can see them all from the comfort of your own home. 

Download Our Regional Workbooks

These include fun activities like word searches, madlibs, and foodwebs where you can put your wildlife knowledge to the test. Get creative with the coloring sections showing each region’s native species – a special word for types of animals that naturally live in a certain area.

Junior Packtivists

For all junior “packtivists” we have a booklet with stories from kids just like you who care about speaking up to save Pacific wolves, and helpful tips on how to become a wolf ambassador – your voice is powerful and you can use it to make a huge impact! 

Bordercats | Felinos de la Frontera

Booklet by: Patricia Manzano

Artwork by: Erin List

English Storytelling: Renata Olivar

Spanish Storytelling: Ethan Arroyo

Pericos Mexicanos

Para los Junior Defenders hispanohablantes, tenemos una colección de historias sobre loros y cómo puede aprender cómo salvarlos.

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