KSA’s - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities for All Defenders

  1. Personal interest in and commitment to conservation;

  2. Ability and willingness to model the tenets of Defenders’ Commitment Statement: Mission, Transparency, Respect & Trust, Appreciation, Empowerment & Accountability, Professional Growth, Fairness, Diversity, Safety, Work/Life Balance, and Pride;

  3. Ability to approach work in a collaborative and inclusive style, with a solutions-oriented manner;

  4. Ability to work independently as needed, problem solve, and exercise sound decision- making skills in fluid environments to meet job expectations and achieve goals in an accurate and timely manner;

  5. Ability to represent Defenders to external entities and the public in a professional manner while exercising tact, diplomacy, and discretion;

  6. Demonstrates a willingness and ability to productively engage and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives;

  7. Ability to clearly and accurately communicate with internal and external stakeholders, in both verbal and written forms;

  8. Ability to effectively navigate through change and maintain flexibility;

  9. Ability to effectively address and manage conflict;

  10. Working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook and Word.

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