Aaron Hall headshot
Aaron Hall
Aquatic Ecologist
Field Conservation

Areas of expertise: aquatic ecology, habitat connectivity

Aaron Hall works to protect species in aquatic and riparian habitats. He is responsible for identifying species and habitats for which Defenders can have a positive impact, and finding scientifically sound and pragmatic solutions to these threats to biodiversity. He also provides expert knowledge on all things aquatic in support of other Defenders projects. 

Aaron comes to us most recently from The University of Toronto where he completed his PhD in conservation ecology, where his research focused on species which require multiple habitats to complete their life cycles. He also taught undergraduates in biology, ecology, and biostatistics. Prior to Toronto Aaron worked for 5 years as an environmental consultant and wetland scientist in Maine and Alaska, working mainly on contaminated site monitoring and remediation, wetland classification and delineation, and vernal pool surveys for breeding amphibians.  

Aaron has a diverse background in field ecology and has worked with many species groups including amphibians, reptiles, plants, fishes, and aquatic insects. He has a growing list of publications in scientific journals in the fields of conservation and ecology. 

Aaron Hall holds a BS and MS in Environmental Science from The Rochester Institute of Technology, and a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from The University of Toronto.

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