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Wolves can’t ask for habitat. Whales can’t stop ship traffic. Birds can’t speak for the trees. Jaguars can’t stop the border wall. Most Americans value wildlife and wild places and when it comes to protecting wildlife, no matter your political affiliation. What matters is preserving habitat, giving wildlife a chance at survival and keeping our Earth inhabitable. Politicians hold great sway over the decisions involved in protecting the environment. Fortunately, we hold great sway in choosing our politicians. Are you willing to vote with wildlife in mind on Election Day?

Whether your favorite species is a gray wolf or a black-footed ferret or something in between, there's always a reason to vote for wildlife. Follow along on the way to the 2020 Election to learn how you can vote with wildlife in mind. Don't forget to register and cast your vote in November!

Vote for Orcas

What’s at Stake? In the Pacific Northwest, dam removal could bring more salmon back to the Columbia River basin, feeding the region’s starving southern resident orcas.

Ten Ways to Show Orcas Some Love

Salmon Be Dammed

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Vote for Gray Wolves

What’s at Stake? Colorado is one of the few states with a ballot initiative that would help bring gray wolves back to the state.

A Tale of Two States: Wolf Conservation and Management in Washington and Oregon

25 Reasons to Celebrate the Return of Wolves

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A Word from Jamie

"We only have a few months left to think about the path we’ll be choosing come November. Let’s embrace November 3rd as another Earth Day. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to fight for a healthy planet, to stand up for a diverse and inclusive world for ourselves and for wildlife, and to vote accordingly."

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