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Wolves can’t ask for habitat. Whales can’t stop ship traffic. Birds can’t speak for the trees. Jaguars can’t stop the border wall. Most Americans value wildlife and wild places and when it comes to protecting wildlife, no matter your political affiliation. What matters is preserving habitat, giving wildlife a chance at survival and keeping our Earth inhabitable. Politicians hold great sway over the decisions involved in protecting the environment. Fortunately, we hold great sway in choosing our politicians. Are you willing to vote with wildlife in mind on Election Day?

Whether your favorite species is a gray wolf or a black-footed ferret or something in between, there's always a reason to vote for wildlife. Follow along on the way to the 2020 Election to learn how you can vote with wildlife in mind. Don't forget to register and cast your vote in November!


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Vote for Sea Otters

What's at stake? For sea otters in the Pacific, oil spills and pollution continue to poison their habitat. Human interactions, including boat strikes, fishing gear entanglement and aggression or disruption from boaters, also pose a significant threat to these playful creatures.

Sea Otter Awareness Week

Adopt a sea otter

Learn more about sea otters

Vote for Sea Turtles

What's at stake? For turtles, the ocean is full of dangers, from offshore drilling to fishing gear to plastic debris, and on land habitat destruction and artificial lighting endanger nesting and hatching sea turtles.

Coastal Residents and Visitors Can Help Sea Turtles

Defenders Sues to Protect Habitat

Learn more about sea turtles

Vote for Right Whales

What's at stake? North Atlantic right whales encounter vessel traffic, fishing gear, seismic testing and other hazards on their annual migrations between their North Atlantic feeding grounds and their calving grounds in warmer waters.

Take action to protect right whales

Legal challenge brings hope for protections

Learn more about North Atlantic right whales

Vote for Mexican Gray Wolves

What’s At Stake? El lobo is the most endangered subspecies of gray wolf and while the population is growing, compromised genetics and human misconceptions threaten the species' recovery.

A turning point for Mexican gray wolves?

Learn more about the Sky Islands

Learn more about Mexican gray wolves

Vote for Jaguars

What's At Stake? The survival of jaguars in the U.S. is uncertain as construction of the border wall cuts them off from habitat north of the border and trophy hunting and illegal trafficking are a major challenge in Latin America.

A future for jaguars in the U.S.

Learn more about the border wall

Learn more about jaguars

Vote for Polar Bears

What's At Stake? Climate change, and the loss of sea ice habitat, is the greatest threat to polar bears. But as rules change and protections disappear, the oil and gas industry may soon paint a more ominous picture for Arctic habitat.

Take action to protect polar bears

Learn more about the Arctic

Learn more about polar bears

Vote for Black-Footed Ferrets

What’s At Stake? Once thought to be extinct in the wild, there are now around 350 black-footed ferrets, but loss of habitat, loss of prairie dogs, plague and human intolerance threaten their comeback. 

Summer Field Work Means Taking COVID-19 Precautions

Thunder Basin National Grassland

Learn more about black-footed ferrets

Vote for Orcas

What’s at Stake? In the Pacific Northwest, dam removal could bring more salmon back to the Columbia River basin, feeding the region’s starving southern resident orcas.

Ten Ways to Show Orcas Some Love

Salmon Be Dammed

Learn more about orcas

Vote for Gray Wolves

A Word from Jamie

"We only have a few months left to think about the path we’ll be choosing come November. Let’s embrace November 3rd as another Earth Day. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to fight for a healthy planet, to stand up for a diverse and inclusive world for ourselves and for wildlife, and to vote accordingly."

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