Defenders of Wildlife has teamed up with Jeff Corwin, a wildlife biologist, well-known television personality and Defenders member, to bring a new television series into homes across America every Saturday morning beginning in October.

Airing on ABC, Wildlife Nation presents powerful stories about the efforts of conservation heroes, including Defenders’ staff across the country, as they address the urgent issues wildlife and wild places face in North America. The series, fueled by adventure and discovery, celebrates the remarkable successes we’ve had bringing species back from the brink of extinction, and it showcases the rich tableau of North American biodiversity—from manatees and peregrine falcons to awe-inspiring Alaskan brown bears and bison. 

Each episode is a journey to a special place in North America, from national wildlife refuges and national parks to private lands and wildlife rehabilitation centers. Stories cover everything from wildlife rescuers saving black bear cubs in Massachusetts to how climate change impacts the survival of indigenous communities and wildlife in Alaska.

“The show is a great opportunity to activate a new generation of wildlife advocates from all walks of life across the nation to join with Defenders to make a difference and protect the wildlife and wild places at the heart of our conservation work,” says Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders’ president and CEO. “We want to make the audience part of the solution and to create the wildlife stewards of tomorrow.”

As an example, one episode showcases the conservation heroes instrumental in helping peregrine falcons continue their recovery by ensuring future generations survive and thrive, even in big cities. The Endangered Species Act and laws banning DDT, among other tools, supported conservation biologists and communities working to save them from extinction in the 1970s, and the lessons learned inform the management of other species now on the brink, such as the Florida manatee and Red Wolf.

“We show how, together, we can make practical, reasonable but revolutionary changes that allow us to coexist with wildlife, even wildlife that live far from us,” says Clark. “Wildlife faces incredible and urgent challenges. But there is still much to celebrate and many opportunities to help the movement of passionate, committed people who care about our wildlife nation.” 

—Wendee Nicole

Photo caption:

Defenders is partnering with host Jeff Corwin (shown with a sea turtle hatchling) on Wildlife Nation, a new TV series airing every Saturday morning on ABC.

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