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In a disappointing defeat for the overwhelming majority of Americans who support the Endangered Species Act, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 209-205 to pass a bill sponsored by Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) to prematurely delist gray wolves in the lower 48 states from the Endangered Species Act. 

Robert Dewey, vice president of government relations for Defenders of Wildlife, issued the following statement in response:

“This is yet another troubling sign that our elected leaders in the House are increasingly choosing to subvert our nation’s landmark environmental laws and ignore the biodiversity crisis that threatens wildlife populations around the globe with extinction. Wolves play hugely important roles in maintaining healthy ecosystems and cutting short their recovery will only harm our nation. The majority of Americans believe that protecting biodiversity should be a national priority and today their voices were stifled. We urge the Senate to take the scientifically-sound path forward and not take up this bill.”

For over 75 years, Defenders of Wildlife has remained dedicated to protecting all native animals and plants in their natural communities. With a nationwide network of nearly 2.1 million members and activists, Defenders of Wildlife is a leading advocate for innovative solutions to safeguard our wildlife for generations to come. To learn more, please visit https://defenders.org/newsroom or follow us on X @Defenders.


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