Defenders of Wildlife has established The Tracks You Leave Behind newsletter to share highlights about our work, legacy giving ideas and the stories of those who have completed their own gifts.


Small Victories Add Up

Progress in conservation is often the sum of small victories. Here are just a few recent examples of successes at the state and local level that supporters like YOU make possible.

  • Collaborated with Fort Lewis College on a timely assessment of available wolf habitat and potential conflict with livestock in Colorado. As the study proceeded last summer, a radio-collared wolf from the Yellowstone area was documented in the state. In early January, state officials confirmed the presence of a wolf pack, the first in Colorado in more than 70 years.
  • Helped defeat a bill in the Montana legislature that would have reimbursed individuals for costs incurred while trapping wolves. Defenders testified and lobbied hard against the bill and issued multiple alerts to our members in the state. Together we stopped what essentially amounted to a bounty on wolves.
  • Established student-led "Defenders of Wildlife Campus Clubs" at eight colleges and universities in Arizona, Colorado, Maine and Pennsylvania. The clubs organize behind campaigns to protect wildlife and habitat, bringing new energy to efforts like saving climate-change-imperiled polar bears and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge where they den on the coastal plain.
  • Partnered with the White Mountain Apache Tribe to develop the Tribal Youth Wolf Conservation Program. This grant-funded special project provides six paid internships for high-school and college-age tribal members to work alongside Mexican wolf managers and gain hands-on experience in wolf management, including measures to reduce conflicts with livestock.


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