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30x30: Make Our Commitment Your Commitment

An international group of scientists recently warned that if we fail to act to save plants, animals and their habitats, we could lose up to 1 million species by century’s end. To combat this loss of wildlife and wild places—the biodiversity essential to the health of vital ecosystems and resiliency to climate change—Defenders is promoting the goal of conserving 30% of our nation’s lands and waters by 2030.

We are part of a global initiative known as 30x30, which recognizes that existing protections are not enough. Unless we take strategic action to protect lands and waters and address climate change now, we will continue to lose biodiversity.

Studies show that our land-use practices are a primary driver of the current biodiversity crisis. Unchecked development continues to destroy and fragment habitat. Climate change not only accelerates the resulting loss of biodiversity, it also reduces the natural protection provided by ecosystems like wetlands and coral reefs, leaving communities more vulnerable to rising sea levels, extreme weather events and other impacts.

To recognize and support our 30x30 work, we launched a bequest challenge last month with the goal of reaching 30 new commitments every 30 days. Bequests from constituents like you are critical to the efforts of our scientists on the ground, our lawyers in the courts and our field conservation staff across the country. The combined income from bequests, trusts and other estate gifts provides roughly 20% of funding for the programs and daily operations that drive our 30x30-compatible mission to protect and restore imperiled species and their habitat. Add Defenders of Wildlife as a beneficiary in your estate plans today and ensure that our nation’s ecosystems stay healthy for years to come.

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