Defenders of Wildlife’s Leadership Council members lead our pack to support urgent, effective and lasting protections for America’s wildlife and wild places. As a member, you will be an active partner in our work to save the species and places you love most.

In addition to exclusive access to Defenders’ dedicated teams and the latest news about the challenges and triumphs we face, your support as a member of the Leadership Council demonstrates your passion and commitment to wildlife. Together, we can give a voice to imperiled species, defend our bedrock environmental laws like the Endangered Species Act, invest in science-based solutions to address the extinction crisis we are facing and expand coexistence programs across the U.S. to ensure a place for all wildlife to thrive.

Join the Defenders of Wildlife pack and become a Leadership Council member today as we fight to protect nature in the field, in the courts and in the halls of Congress.


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With your support, we will meet challenges and celebrate victories, together, as we fight to protect nature in the field, in the courts and in the halls of Congress


Jamie Rappaport Clark, President and CEO

“Support from members of our Leadership Council is critical to our important work protecting the wildlife and wild places that inspire us all. We face many challenges as we race to save species from extinction, but with encouragement and cooperation from our Leadership Council, all of us at Defenders - our field teams, scientists, lawyers and policy experts – find the strength to tackle obstacles with unwavering determination and optimism. I welcome your support and warmly invite you to join this team of dedicated supporters. Together, we are Defenders of Wildlife.”

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