Defenders Magazine

Spring 2012

Volume 87, Issue 2


“Three… two…one!” It seems the countdown has hardly begun when the cannon fires. I run alongside a dozen scientists in a mad sprint down New Jersey’s Cooks Beach to the ejected net, now filled with about 60 flapping birds. Already at the net, shorebird expert Larry Niles is shouting instructions to the group. I step aside to let those with more experience untangle the birds.


"Once again, Defenders will make stopping any anti-ESA legislation that emerges our highest priority." - Jamie Rappaport Clark, President, Defenders of Wildlife
When it comes to endangered Mexican gray wolves in the Southwest every one counts—and so do partnerships.
Many people know about the health and environmental benefits of buying organic produce, but far fewer probably realize that those fresh flowers given to a sweetheart or mom likely came at a hefty cost to wildlife.
Defenders strives to lessen the deaths caused by commercial fisheries.
Trying to keep wildlife safe in the midst of large-scale solar projects in the West.
Big Cypress teems with wildlife and is a refuge for the critically endangered Florida panther. But the roads here make it a dangerous place for the big cats, with vehicle collisions one of the leading causes of death.
With their expressive faces and soft, furry bodies, sea otters exude charisma. But when it comes to survival, cute and cuddly doesn’t always cut it.
Outrunning off-road vehicles on Cape Hatteras; Feds help Idaho officials kill wolves.