Defenders Magazine

Summer 2012

Volume 87, Issue 3


Patience, patience, patience. That is what James Yule—grand prize winner of Defenders of Wildlife’s 2012 photo contest—says was the key to his success in photographing this baby bear cub riding on its mother’s back. Having seen her and her cub earlier that day and knowing this meadow was a favorite of hers, Yule took a chance and hurried ahead hoping she would stop. After patiently waiting in the snow and cold for more than an hour, he reaped his reward when the bears sauntered into the clearing. With the year’s snow levels still high in May, Yule knew it wouldn’t be long before the little cub would climb aboard for a ride.


One year after feds strip protections, states go all-out against wolves.
Bison Calves Born at Fort Peck roundup
Defenders calls for changes in condor country, where lead poisoning continues to threaten these majestic birds.
Far from a bumbler, the bee is a productive pollinator with a reputation for diligence. That’s fortunate for us because close to 75 percent of flowering plants rely on insects to help them produce fruit and seeds.
Federally protected coastal habitat is no match for global warming
Gliding with orange and black outstretched wings, the monarch butterfly is a lucky omen that signals summer is on its way.
Throughout my life, I have felt a keen sense of wonder for the array of wildlife around me and the role that it plays in keeping our planet alive and functioning—from the iconic grizzly bear that keeps prey in check and eats his weight many times over in insects