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Coexisting with Mexican Gray Wolves

To honor our incredible wildlife, Defenders has declared this the Year of Coexistence and the month of August is all about Mexican gray wolves!

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Our Strategy

Defenders of Wildlife works on the ground, in the courts, and on Capitol Hill to protect and restore imperiled wildlife and habitats across North America. Together, we can ensure a future for the wildlife and wild places we all love.

blue mountains

Our Work & Impact

public comments to stop the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposal to roll back red wolf protections and helped garner the North Carolina governor’s support for red wolf recovery.
volunteer scientists documenting wolverines, fishers, lynxes and—for the first time—wolverine kits in the Bitterroot National Forest in the 4th year of our Wolverine Watchers program.
scientists signed a Defenders testimonial that a U.S.-Mexico border wall would devastate the borderlands ecosystem—home to ocelots, Mexican gray wolves, butterflies and ferruginous pygmy owls.


Seattle, WA

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Lethally Removes 3 Wolves from Old Profanity Territory Pack

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) announced Tuesday that it killed three wolves from the Old Profanity Territory (OPT) pack, under an authorization that allows lethal removal of the full pack.