May 5, 2010

Osprey at Bon Secour NWR (Krista Schlyer)

Osprey at Bon Secour NWR (Krista Schlyer)

My Eyewitness News: “Oil spill will not only affect local bird populations but  could impact migratory birds from South America all the way to Alaska” LINK

Brian Skoloff and John Flesher from the Associated Press: “Oil spill couldn’t have come at a worse time of year as many of the most vulnerable species living here are nursing their young” LINK

Robert Lee Holtz from Wall Street Journal: “Long term studies have shown that oil will still be effecting wildlife in spill zones 10 to 20 years later” LINK

Michael Jasny of NRDC: “Marine mammals in the Gulf will be hit hard as they breathe toxic fumes when they surface and feed on tainted fish” LINK

PR Newswire: “Gulf oil spill could destroy most productive fishery in the world” LINK

Julia Kumari Drapkin for CBS: “Looking at the 10 most at risk animals that will be impacted from the oil spill” LINK

The Daily Comet: “As many as 400 species could be impacted by the oil spill. Predominant among them is birds.” LINK

Julie Cart for Los Angeles Times: “Wildlife from 20 refuges along 400 miles of coast are in danger.” LINK

Leslie Kaufman for the New York Times: “Starting with plankton, animals will be effected the entire way up the food chain.” LINK


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