Earth Day Match Extended! Our Board of Directors and President's Circle members were so impressed by the support we received, they've offered up an extra $50,000 in funds to match any donations made through April 30th 2-for-1 up to a total of $200,000!

Please give today, while your generous donation will make triple the impact in saving wildlife.

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Combating Climate Change

Preparing for Climate Change

Preparing for Climate Change

Defenders is working with wildlife and natural resource managers to help them address the impacts of climate change, and develop adaptive strategies to incorporate into their conservation plans. These strategies are based on assessments of the specific threats that wildlife and ecosystems are expected to face - such as sea level rise, higher temperatures, and more frequent storms and droughts - and include monitoring to provide ongoing information about impacts on the ground. Defenders is working with managers of our national forests, and wildlife refuges to incorporate these measures into their management plans. We are also reaching out to private and tribal landowners to do the same in areas that are particularly valuable to wildlife.


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