Every time that you turn on a light, watch T.V. or play a video game, you are using energy. Have you ever stopped to think about where all that energy comes from? 

Energy is created in many different ways, like from burning coal or natural gas found underground. These are resources that have a limited supply - and getting them out of the ground so that we can use them can disrupt the habitat of creatures big and small. Burning coal and natural gas generates power that is then sent to your home, but it also makes carbon dioxide and methane. Carbon dioxide and methane are known as greenhouse gases  because of the warming effect they have on the world around us.

hese gases travel into the air and get trapped, making Earth hotter the more that they are burned.

Energy use is an everyday fact of life, but as a Junior Defender you have the power to help conserve these resources! 

By changing some of your daily energy habits, you can help fight climate change and protect the wildlife and wild places that you care about. This pledge can help you remember the little things that you can do to put a stop to wasted energy in and around your home.

Just print out the pledge, read it over, sign it and keep it in a handy spot, like on your refrigerator.

Every time you see it, you can remember that you pledged to do your part to save energy. After you’ve been conserving energy for a while, ask your parents to take a look at the energy bills – do you notice a difference in the amount of energy your household has been using?

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