With leading scientists increasingly sounding the alarm about the biodiversity crisis, one that threatens the extinction of nearly a million species in the coming decades, the need for decisive action has never been greater. The time to act is now!

Read about our first-of-its-kind report that maps out the five drivers of the biodiversity crisis in the U.S.

Pledge to Save Biodiversity

The United States needs a National Biodiversity Strategy to save species and nature's benefits to people. Take a stand against extinction and pledge to protect biodiversity. The time is now!

Threats to Biodiversity

Learn about the five drivers to biodiversity loss and how they impact each state with this interactive map.

Why You Should Care : Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the variety of all life on Earth and is critical for a healthy planet. Watch this short explainer to learn why you should care about biodiversity.

Featured Report

U.S. Biodiversity in Crisis: Exploring threats to America’s most imperiled species

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The threat is already here: We’re seeing the beginnings of a global crisis that threatens to drive countless species to extinction. The time to protect biodiversity is now. Support our work today!

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