Washington, DC

Today, President Biden released top-line spending numbers for departments and federal agencies that will prioritize funding for climate change, renewable energy projects and wildlife conservation measures. The budget proposal will also include initial details of the administration’s infrastructure plan. 

“After four years of drastic funding cuts to wildlife conservation programs, today’s budget proposal is a welcome change from the past administration,” said Robert Dewey, vice president for government relations, Defenders of Wildlife. “As species are being lost faster than ever before in human history, Defenders of Wildlife urges the Biden administration to prioritize funding for endangered species, climate change work and environmental justice. We applaud the administration for not requesting additional funding  for construction of the border wall which harms borderland communities and imperiled wildlife. We urge the administration to take the next step and begin work to remove the wall and remediate the damage inflicted on the borderlands and border communities.” 

It is expected that President Biden will release his FY22 federal budget within the upcoming weeks and today’s release is a blueprint of what we can expect to be included. 

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Red wolf staring straight on
Chapel Hill, NC

Rare Red Wolves Released in North Carolina after Federal Court Ruling

Red wolf captive breeding facilities today announced the release of four rare red wolves into eastern North Carolina after conservation groups won a federal court ruling in January that required the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to prepare a plan to release captive red wolves into the wild to avoid irreversible harm to the highly endangered population during ongoing litigation.
Horseshoe Crabs on a beach
Charleston, SC

Court orders halt to blood harvest of horseshoe crabs in Cape Romain

A federal judge has blocked a contractor for Charles River Laboratories from harvesting horseshoe crabs for their blood from Cape Roman National Wildlife Refuge until a lawsuit seeking to require the practice be conducted sustainably has been decided.