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Defenders has partnered with FreeWill to give you a free and easy way to write or update your legal will. Many people like to include a gift to Defenders of Wildlife to help ensure our work to protect and restore our nation’s wildlife continues for generations to come. Get started today!

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“I hereby give ______ (percentage, residuary share or specific amount or asset) to Defenders of Wildlife, 1130 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036.”
Tax ID number: 53-0183181

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Defenders of Wildlife's tax ID number? 

Defenders of Wildlife tax ID number: 53-0183181

What assets can I use to make a gift to Defenders of Wildlife?

You can make an outright gift of securities or other property (e.g., real estate , personal property). Through your will or living trust or with a distribution from a retirement plan or life insurance policy, you can designate a gift to Defenders of Wildlife.

What sort of gift plans also return income to me?

You have the option of making a gift that returns income to you, your spouse, or other individuals, such as a charitable gift annuity, or a charitable remainder unitrust or annuity trust.

What tax deduction will I receive for my gift?

Your tax benefits will depend on several factors: the type of gift, the time at which it is made, whether it is outright or deferred, and whether it includes income payments.

I’ve heard that transferring gifts of IRA assets to charity is advantageous. Why?

After a person's death, these accounts are exposed to income and in some cases estate taxes, which at a combined rate could rise to 75% or higher. The only way to avoid these taxes on your retirement plan is to give those assets to a charity. By designating Defenders of Wildlife as your beneficiary, you will ensure 100% of the value of your account benefits Defenders.

How do I arrange a gift from my retirement plan?

Simply contact your IRA or retirement plan administrator and request a copy of the Change of Beneficiary Form. You can fill this in as you wish and include Defenders of Wildlife for a portion or all the remainder of your plan’s assets. Learn more here.

I'm interested in establishing a charitable gift annuity. How are the annuity payments guaranteed?

A gift annuity contract becomes a legal financial obligation of Defenders of Wildlife and is backed by all our assets. Defenders of Wildlife has an unbroken record in making timely payments to our annuitants, and that ongoing responsibility is a key element in its financial policies.

How do I arrange for a gift of my stock?

It is important that you contact us so that we can assist you with transfer instructions.

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