Coexistence Tools and Techniques

Americans are fortunate to share the landscape with a spectacular abundance of wildlife. That means, however, that people and wildlife sometimes come into conflict: Predators prey on livestock; bears get into trash; prairie dogs graze on grass ranchers want for their cattle. Fortunately, a suite of tools and methods exists to help prevent these conflicts.

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Defenders in Action
Bears die when they get into trouble with people’s garbage, livestock, when they are hit by cars and trains or illegally killed. By preventing these conflicts we can keep bears alive and on the road to recovery.
Success Story
September 2014 - The City Council of Ketchum in Blaine County unanimously passed a resolution requesting that the State of Idaho use nonlethal tools to manage wolf and livestock conflicts in Blaine County.
Success Stories
July, 2013 - As part of the People's Way Partnership, Defenders is helping to spread the word about the wildlife crossings that are connecting important habitat in Montana.