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...we're hitting the road this summer! Join us for a virtual adventure as we explore states where we work to protect the wildlife and wild places we love. Learn about the amazing species we are fighting for and cool places you can check out when you plan your visit.

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This Week's Stop: Washington

Washinton Orca Postcard - web version

Sustainable Tip for Visiting Washington

Keep waterways free from toxic chemicals. Use your power as a consumer to avoid purchasing products containing toxic chemicals and drive less to minimize contamination from vehicles and their tires.  


Must Visits in Washington

Washington resident and Defender Kathleen recommends adding these places to your must-see stops in their state:  

  1. North Cascades National Park
    The park offers some of the most stunning views in Washington, from lakes to mountains to evergreen forests. Hike, camp and keep an eye out for Columbia black-tailed deer, Douglas squirrels, pikas, bald eagles and neotropical migrating birds. Rarer are gray wolf, fisher and wolverine sightings. Plus, grizzly bears will be returning to the area! This park is just over 70 miles north of Seattle.
  2. Leavenworth
    A delightful Bavarian-themed town along the scenic Cascade Loop. Leavenworth is a great stop to eat, shop and enjoy a variety of events. From visiting a Nutcracker Museum to watching for ospreys and eagles, there’s a little something for everyone. Leavenworth is also making multiple efforts to become a “bear smart” community.   
  3. Snoqualmie Falls
    View the 270-foot waterfall from observation decks that are open year-round. Enjoy a stroll on a short trail at the base of the falls or spend a day relaxing at the nearby lodge and spa. Then, if you are able to, travel 36 miles southeast and cross under the Keechelus Lake Wildlife Overcrossing on I-90. The falls are located under 30 miles east of Seattle. 

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