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Northern Plains

Featured Landscapes of the Northern Plains

Thunder Basin National Grassland in Wyoming occupies over 572,000 acres. These public lands fall within a patchwork of state, federal and private lands totaling over 1.8 million acres. The Thunder Basin stretches out in a vast sea of grasslands, dominated by sky and wind. A closer look reveals a diversity of landforms, short to mixed grass prairie and wildlife. Prairie dogs, swift fox, Pronghorn antelope and Ferruginous hawks are often spotted, and if you are lucky, you might see mountain plover and burrowing owl. The Forest Service manages these lands for multiple use, which includes livestock grazing and mineral production. Providing for these uses while at the same time conserving the rich biodiversity of the grassland, can be challenging at times. But with stakeholder collaboration and sustainable management practices, conservation of our wildlife resources supported by these incredible grasslands is possible.