Colin Reynolds portrait

Colin Reynolds

Senior Advisor, Northwest Program
Species Conservation and Coexistence

Drawing inspiration from his travels and home in the Pacific Northwest, Colin is driven to conserve wildlife and habitat across the U.S.

Originally from Virginia, Colin moved to Liberty County, Texas, after college to work as an AmeriCorps volunteer. Later, Colin served as a Marine Corps officer, obtained a Master's degree in Security Studies from Georgetown University, and worked as a government contractor in Washington, D.C. During this time, he was lucky to travel throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe. Colin then moved to Oregon and received a law degree at Lewis & Clark Law School with a certificate in environmental and natural resources law. Prior to joining Defenders, Colin worked to improve habitat connectivity at Wildlands Network.

Colin lives in Portland, Oregon, and enjoys traveling to new places throughout the West.

Media Contact
Communications Director
(202) 772-0217