History of Wolf Recovery

1995 Yellowstone Gray Wolf Reintroduction



Part 1: The Past (25 Years of Mexican Gray Wolves in the Wild)




After being nearly hunted to extinction in the lower 48 states, gray wolves have returned to the Great Lakes, Northern Rockies, California and the Pacific Northwest.

Despite this monumental progress,  gray wolves have yet to re-establish sustainable populations in much of the available habitat in the continental U.S. Federal protections are critical for wolves to recover, but wolves are being denied those protections in the Northern Rockies. Read why and learn the history of protections for wolves in the lower 48 states.

Defenders Celebrates Return of Gray Wolves to Colorado

A decades-long vision came to reality today when Colorado Parks and Wildlife reintroduced five gray wolves in Grand County, marking the official beginning of the state’s long-awaited gray wolf restoration effort. 

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Coexisting with Wolves

Gray Wolf Howling
AB Photography/iStockphoto

Coexisting with Gray Wolves

Red Wolf pup
Mel Cunningham/USFWS

Coexisting with Red Wolves

Mexican gray wolf
Jim Clark/USFWS

Coexisting with Mexican Gray Wolves


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