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Wildlife Nation  >  Episode 17

Join host Jeff Corwin on an epic adventure to the Sierra Nevada mountains of California to discover the effects of a devastating drought that’s plagued the Golden State for years. Jeff explores the aftermath of the massive Caldor Fire and meets the brave firefighters on the frontlines of climate change. Then, Jeff travels to Washington State to connect with two vital and threatened species: the resourceful American beaver and the endangered Pygmy rabbit. Jeff works alongside conservationists fighting to protect these amazing animals and the ecosystems where they live.

Black-Footed Ferret in Burrow
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Kerry Hargrove/iStockphoto

Protect the Endangered Species Act

Let your representatives know that wildlife and the environment are an important issue! Take action and urge them to defend this landmark law and protect threatened and endangered species for generations to come.

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Behind the Scenes

A Crucial Puzzle Piece in the Fight Against Climate Change

Climate change increases the intensity and frequency of weather events and will continue to wreak havoc unless we do something about it. Learn more about how the wildlife within an ecosystem play key roles in the natural movement of carbon.

Bothered by Beavers?

Beavers are very important to their ecosystem, but sometimes their actions cause conflict with human use of a landscape. Fortunately, there are solutions and mitigation techniques that can help! Read more about Defenders can help you resolve your beaver conflicts.


Traditional Farming Communities Coexist with Beavers

As the engineers of their ecosystem, beavers play a significant role in addressing climate change and the biodiversity crisis. This makes it very important to find solutions for farmers and property owners where beavers cause trouble with irrigation. Learn more about the efforts being made to coexist!

Hawksbill sea turtle
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America’s Wildlife Are Counting On You

Support Defenders of Wildlife in our mission to save endangered and imperiled species and the habitats they need to survive. Your support will ensure our expert team of scientists, lawyers, wildlife advocates and activists have the resources needed to drive lasting change for wildlife.


After the Show

Our Work

Defenders of Wildlife works on the ground, in the courts, and on Capitol Hill to protect and restore imperiled wildlife and habitats across North America. Learn more about what we do!

For The Family

Find ways that your family can help take care of the plants and animals in your backyard with our fun Junior Defender activities!

Wildlife and Wild Places