Masonville Cove Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership kid

Do you want to help wildlife? When you learn about the different species and habitats in your own back yard, you are also learning about the systems at work all around this big wild world. Junior Defenders use all their senses to observe the habitats around them. 

Look under a rock or up in a tree. What creatures do you see sharing your world?

Listen to the birds and other animals calling to each other in your backyard. Can you tell if they are telling each other about danger? Or trying to find their friends?

Smell the air around you. Can you smell any flowers that a bee or butterfly might want to land on to find a tasty snack? 

Touch the bark on the trees in your local park. Can you tell the difference between the types of trees by feeling the different textures and patterns?

Taste an apple or some herbs. Do any of these edible plants grow wild in your neighborhood?
(Be sure to check with an adult before eating anything growing in the wild)

Find ways that you can help take care of the plants and animals in your backyard with our fun Junior Defender activities. Do them with your parents, with your friends, you can even ask your teacher about doing them with your class at school. 

Then fill out your very own printable Junior Defenders membership card so everyone will know how much you care about the world around you!

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