Anchorage, AK

Alaska's western Arctic encompasses a vast, wild stretch of land called the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska. At 23 million acres it is the largest single unit of public land in the nation. That's about the same size as the entire state of Indiana!

When you hear the name, National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPR-A, or Reserve), you might think of a barren land filled with oil wells and industrial equipment, but the vast majority of the Reserve actually remains free of industrial development and provides necessary habitats and resources for an incredible array of wildlife and indigenous peoples who have lived and thrived in this landscape since time immemorial. 

Defenders of Wildlife's new ArcGIS Storymap illustrates why the NPR-A is important to wildlife.



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Caribou in Denali
Polar bear with cubs
Northern Lights Over Brooks Range Alaska


Sea otter raft of four
Washington, DC

New Defenders' Analysis Highlights Benefits of Full ESA Funding

New analysis from Defender of Wildlife’s, Center for Conservation Innovation (CCI), finds that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service only receives about 40% of the funding required to fully implement the Endangered Species Act.
Mexican Gray Wolf, Wolf Conservation Center
Santa Fe, NM

Poaching Death of Mexican Gray Wolf Hinders Reintroduction Efforts

The killing of a federally protected male Mexican gray wolf near Winston, NM in early October marks yet another obstacle to efforts to restore the imperiled species in its native range.