Washington, DC

International Conferences Canceled, Leaving Species with Less Protections

As with many events worldwide in 2020, the conferences that create stronger international wildlife policies have been canceled too. These cancelations mean that imperiled wildlife will have to wait another year for new recommendations, measures, and decisions when a million species are already under threat of extinction and have yet to receive protection.
Anchorage, AK

Groups Praise Army Corps Denial of Pebble Mine Permit, Call for Lasting Protections

Groups advocating for the protection of Bristol Bay waterways, salmon, and communities applaud the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers decision today to deny a Clean Water Act permit for the proposed Pebble mine.

Prancing in the Moonlight: Photos Capture Colorado Wolves Playing at Night

Two gray wolves were captured on film as they played last month in Northwest Colorado, the first documentation in several months of Colorado’s first wolf pack in more than 75 years. These rare images were captured by a trail camera set up by Defenders of Wildlife in Moffat County.

Press Releases

Portland, Ore.

Oregon Rejects Petition to Increase Protections for Beavers

Today, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to reject a petition that would have initiated a rulemaking to increase protections for beavers throughout the state. Defenders of Wildlife, along with nine other conservation groups and private citizens, submitted this petition in September, calling for a permanent ban on all commercial and recreational beaver hunting and trapping on federally-owned lands in the state.

Bureau of Land Management Moves to Approve Utah Highway Through Critical Tortoise Habitat

Today, the Trump administration moved one step closer to approving a highway project that would cut through critical habitat for the Agassiz's desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) as well as the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area and Desert Reserve, which was designated for the conservation of the federally threatened desert tortoise.
Washington, DC

Defenders Releases Wildlife Conservation Agenda to Biden Transition Team

Defenders of Wildlife presented its Wildlife Conservation Agenda to President-elect Biden’s transition team today, calling on the next administration to address biodiversity loss and climate change, protect public health and prevent pandemics, rebuild the nation’s economy, rebuild the federal government and promote racial justice and equity.
Portland, Ore.

What Beavers Can Do for the Beaver State

After devastating fires ravaged more than 1 million acres of Oregon forest this year, human and natural communities are looking for ways to protect the remaining forests and waterways they depend on. According to Sristi Kamal, Ph.D., senior Oregon representative for Defenders of Wildlife, that much-needed support could come from an unexpected source: beavers.
Washington, DC

U.S. Senate Releases CJS Appropriations Bill with $2 Million Increase for Critically Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale Protections

Today, the U.S. Senate released its fiscal year 2021 Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations bill, increasing funding for monitoring and protecting the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale by $2 million over FY 2020 levels. The additional funds will also help develop and test new anti-entanglement fishing gear technologies. The funding levels are similar to those adopted in the House’s companion CJS bill. The House and Senate now must work to reach agreement over the final appropriations bill levels and language.
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