Success Stories

Defenders of Wildlife has been protecting wildlife for more than 60 years, and we've got plenty of success stories to prove it. Below are some of our most recent wins for wildlife.

July 2015 - This on-the-ground project expanded and protected more than 400 acres of prairie dog habitat, encouraging the return of this keystone species to the American Prairie Reserve.
June 2015 - This citizen science project in Bitterroot National Forest collected data on all kinds of forest creatures, including the elusive wolverine.
June 2015 - By giving Montanans a place to publicly voice their overwhelming support for bison restoration, we were able to combat the Montana legislature’s repeated attacks on bison.
April 2015 - California adopts final rules for eliminating lead hunting ammunition to protect wildlife and health.
Green Sea Turtle, Photo: NOAA
April 2015 - In less than 40 years, this population of sea turtles has gone from nearly vanishing to laying thousands of successful nests on our beaches every year.
December 2014 - After years of advocacy and court battles, the red knot is finally being granted the level of protection it so desperately needs.
November 2014 - In response to a lawsuit brought by Defenders and our conservation allies, the federal government has agreed to expand critical habitat for the world's most endangered whales.
Bison with calf, © Diana LeVasseur
November 2014 - More than 100 wild bison were brought to Fort Peck Indian Reservation, adding to this historic conservation herd.
November 2014 - Working with local advocates and conservation allies, Defenders' Florida staff helped protect critical habitat for imperiled wildlife from a construction project.
November 2014 - A new agreement includes significant steps to protect red wolves from accidental shootings, their leading cause of death.