URGENT: Four Mexican gray wolves caught in leg traps in New Mexico. Many more leg hold traps, snares and poisons are found across the New Mexico landscape.

Will you chip in right now to help provide the resources we need to fight for these wolves – in the field, in court, and in Washington, D.C.?

Board of Directors and Advisory Committees

The Board of Directors of Defenders of Wildlife is made up of professionals from all walks of life—academic, scientific, legal, financial and business—who share a common love for our nation's wildlife and natural heritage. Their combined experience and dedication play an extremely important role in charting the future of Defenders and the wildlife conservation movement.

Board of Directors

*Judith Posnikoff, Ph.D., Chair

*John Dayton, Esq., Vice Chair

*Mark Caylor, Treasurer
District of Columbia

Edward Asner

Whitfield Bailey

Kim O'Keefe Beck, Ph.D.

Cassie Carroll

*Jamie Rappaport Clark, President and CEO

Ambassador (ret.) Keith M. Harper

James M. Hecker, Esq.
District of Columbia

Mari Snyder Johnson

Mamie Parker, Ph.D.

Susan Rieff

Sheryl Sachs

*Loretta M. Stadler
New Jersey

*Robert Wiygul, Esq.

* Executive Board Member


Board Emeritus

Terry C. Pelster, Esq.
New York

Alan Steinberg

Litigation Committee

Ambassador (ret.) Keith M. Harper
Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton LLP, District of Columbia

James M. Hecker, Esq.
Attorney at Law, District of Columbia

Robert Wiygul, Esq.
Waltzer Wiygul & Garside

Science Advisors

Barry Noon, Ph.D.
Colorado State University

Charles (Pete) Peterson, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

H. Ronald Pulliam, Ph.D.
University of Georgia

Terry L. Root, Ph.D.
Stanford University, California

Mark Schwartz, Ph.D.
University of California, Davis

Lee M. Talbot, Ph.D.
George Mason University, Virgina

David S. Wilcove, Ph.D.
Princeton University, New Jersey

Edward O. Wilson, Ph.D.
Harvard University, Massachusetts