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Washington, DC

1.8 Million Americans Speak Out Against Stripping Federal Protections from Wolves

Almost two million Americans stated their opposition to the Trump administration’s proposal to strip endangered species protections from gray wolves in a comment period that closed today.
Washington, DC

Statement on Gov. Janet Mills’ Letter to Abandon Federal Risk Reduction for the Right Whale

Yesterday, Maine Governor Janet T. Mills sent a letter announcing she will not accept federal guidelines for reducing risk to the highly endangered North Atlantic

Study Confirms Political Interference in Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery

A new study released today confirms politics rather than scientific data played a role in influencing criteria for listing and reintroduction efforts for the Mexican gray wolf under the Endangered Species Act.

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Washington, DC

Despite False Claims, Trump’s Environmental Agenda is the Worst in Recent History

Today, President Trump will hold a White House press conference to greenwash his terrible environmental record. The Trump administration has attempted to roll back, undermine and obliterate our nation’s bedrock environmental laws, like the Endangered Species Act, Migratory Bird Treaty Act and National Environmental Policy Act among others in an effort to appease the oil and gas industry and other extractive industries making it easier to develop on our nation’s public lands.

Lead Ammunition Officially Banned for Hunting Use in California

Today marks the official end of lead ammunition use in hunting in the state of California.
Washington, DC

Pro-Wildlife Package Sails Through House; House Defeats Bad Arctic Refuge, Right Whale Riders

The House has approved key natural resource sections in the Interior-Environment and Commerce-Justice-Science funding bills, of H.R. 3055, the second minibus of fiscal year 2020 appropriations bills. The Interior Appropriations bill provides an extraordinary $37 million increase for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s endangered species program to support recovery efforts for our most vulnerable species.
Washington, DC

Lawsuit Launched Over Trump Administration Failure to Update Outdated Red Wolf Recovery Plan

The Center for Biological Diversity and Defenders of Wildlife today filed a formal notice of intent to sue the Trump administration for failing to prepare an updated recovery plan for the United States’ rapidly dwindling population of endangered red wolves.
Washington, DC

Lawsuit Seeks Endangered Species Protections for Lesser Prairie Chickens

Conservation groups today sued the Trump administration for failing to protect severely imperiled lesser prairie chickens under the Endangered Species Act.

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