Denver, CO

Statement on State Senator Donovan’s Wolf Reintroduction Bill

“While we’re encouraged by Senator Donovan’s bill to reintroduce wolves to Colorado, we cannot support the bill as it stands. The bill would prohibit reintroduction unless new funding is made available, meaning this critical effort could be held hostage. We look forward to working with Senator Donovan and suggesting changes to address these concerns.”

Western Caucus Members Push Anti-Endangered Species Act Bills, Again

It’s looking like déjà vu all over again as the Congressional Western Caucus has begun to introduce another package of anti-wildlife, anti-public lands, anti-Endangered Species Act (ESA) bills. The new package of stand-alone bills is – so far – nearly identical to draft legislation the caucus released this past fall. And, like the previous package, the bills would eliminate key protections for wildlife that have been in place for more than 45 years.
Washington, DC

Statement from Defenders of Wildlife on Migratory Bird Protection Act Passing Out of the House Natural Resources Committee

Statement from Robert Dewey, Vice President for Government Relations, Defenders of Wildlife upon the Migratory Bird Protection Act passing out of the House Natural Resources

Press Releases

Federal protections restored for Northern Rockies’ wolves

Defenders wins lawsuit; future of wolf recovery still uncertain Summary: U.S. district court overturns Interior Secretary Salazar’s action that removed wolves in the Northern Rockies

Groups intervene to protect the endangered Cook Inlet beluga whale

Lawsuit filed by the state of Alaska ignores science ANCHORAGE, Alaska (08/04/2010) - Seeking to uphold the federal protections necessary for the recovery of the

Defenders reacts to NOAA report on Gulf oil disaster

"Dispersed" does not mean gone Summary: A NOAA report released today claims much of the oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s Macondo

As CA sea otter population declines, conservation fund falters

Defenders of Wildlife calls on late tax-filers to save the Sea Otter Fund, research Summary: According to the USGS’s spring survey of California sea otters,

The House of Representatives passes the CLEAR Act, taking a landmark step toward fixing our broken offshore drilling system

Summary: The U.S. House of Representatives today voted to pass H.R. 3534, the CLEAR Act, in response to the ongoing oil disaster in the Gulf
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