Mexican Gray Wolf stare
Santa Fe, NM

Defenders of Wildlife Disappointed by Revised Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Plan

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released a final revised recovery plan for the Mexican gray wolf. The Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan, Second Revision (final revised recovery plan), provides new site-specific recovery actions to improve protections for Mexican wolves in the wild. Defenders of Wildlife is disappointed that the revised plan likely won't be enough to curb the number of human-caused deaths.
Sleepy Brown Bear Family - Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge - Alaska
Anchorage, AK

Court Finds Cruel Practice of Killing Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs on Alaska’s National Preserves ‘Arbitrary’

A federal District Court in Alaska ruled on Sept. 30 that a National Park Service rule allowing hunting practices like killing brown bear sows and cubs in their dens on national preserves in Alaska was poorly reasoned and arbitrary. The decision allows the rule to remain in place while the Interior Department and Park Service revise regulations.
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Conservation Groups Win Lawsuit Challenging Elimination of Critical North Carolina Protections for Sea Turtles and Fish

In a new ruling by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, Cape Fear River Watch, North Carolina Wildlife Federation, and Defenders of Wildlife, represented by the Southern Environmental Law Center, succeeded in challenging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ unjustified decision to eliminate the agency’s longstanding practice of limiting hopper dredging at Wilmington and Morehead City Harbors to winter months.

Press Releases

Congress launches broad assault on endangered species

In-depth report shows that America’s conservation legacy for sale to highest bidder Summary: Defenders releases comprehensive report of legislative attacks on America’s imperiled wildlife, highlighting

Controversial solar power plant challenged by conservation groups

Conservation groups urge Interior Department to move the Calico Solar Project to less sensitive lands Washington (08/25/2011) - A coalition of conservation groups made a

Sea otter conservation coalition endorses renewal of U.S. Fish and Wildlife's effort to recover California's southern sea otter

Feds Propose to End the No-Otter Zone MONTEREY, Calif. (08/17/2011) - A coalition of organizations welcomed news that California’s struggling sea otters may soon get

Interior Department takes steps to accelerate climate change

Legal Action Precedes August 17th Coal Sale in Powder River Basin of Wyoming Power River Basin of Wyoming and Montana (08/16/2011) - A coalition of

New research details threats to mammals found in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Wilderness designation critical for Arctic mammals imperiled by climate change WASHINGTON (08/12/2011) - Increased protection for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is critical to the
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