Don’t Let Jaguars Become the Next Tigers

This is a fact sheet that was prepared for the II High Level Conference of the Americas on Illegal Wildlife Trade. It focuses on the need to protect Jaguars in the Latin America region.

The Need to Eliminate Illegal & Unsustainable Wildlife Trade in Latin America and the Caribbean

Fact sheet provided at the II High Level Conference of the Americas on Illegal Wildlife Trade.

Federal Funding for Human Wildlife Conflict Avoidance

This document describes federal funding programs that can be used for human-wildlife conflict avoidance, and provides guidance on determining which program is most appropriate for your needs and how to apply for funding.

Farm Bill Conservation Program Initiatives for Underserved Farmers and Ranchers

This fact sheet summarizes Farm Bill initiatives that are available for historically underserved farmers and producers to improve their access to USDA programs. The fact sheet outlines who qualifies and the opportunities the initiatives offer.

Places for Wolves: A Blueprint for Continued Wolf Restoration and Recovery in the Lower 48 States

Defenders of Wildlife has been instrumental in setting wolves on the path to restoration and recovery, allowing them to reclaim their vital role in maintaining

Bordercats / Felinos de la Frontera

Booklet by: Patricia Manzano Artwork by: Erin List English Storytelling: Renata Olivar Spanish Storytelling: Ethan Arroyo

Take Down the Wall: Reconnecting Wildlife Corridors on the U.S.-Mexico Border

In addition to harming human communities, border wall construction has destroyed widespread areas of the nation’s most valuable wildlife habitat, including within national wildlife refuges

Northwest Florida Sentinel Landscape Factsheet

Eglin Air Force Base, as the designated anchor military installation in northwestern Florida, is nominating the Florida panhandle for federal designation as the Northwest Florida Sentinel Landscape (NWFSL).
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