Defenders of Wildlife Electric Fencing Incentive Program

Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to long term grizzly bear recovery in the lower 48 states. Conflict with people is a major cause of grizzly

Defenders of Wildlife Stimulus Recommendations

As we address the immediate crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating impacts on people, families and communities, the nation and our planet are

Conserving Arizona's Wildlife and Wild Places

Arizona is exceptionally rich in biodiversity thanks to its unique mix of habitats—ponderosa pine forests and pinyon-juniper woodlands, vital rivers winding through the Sonoran Desert

Conserving New Mexico's Wildlife and Wild Places

From Subalpine forests in the north to the Chihuahuan Desert along the southern border, New Mexico is one of the most biologically diverse states in the country. Defenders of Wildlife has long worked to protect the imperiled wildlife that depend on the state’s varied landscapes, including the Upper Rio Grande Basin and the Greater Gila Bioregion, and to broaden support for wildlife conservation.

Conservation Hotspot at Risk in the New Mexico Borderlands

Like many regions along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico boundary, the borderlands of New Mexico are a conservation hotspot, an area with rich biological diversity and high numbers of threatened and endangered species protected by significant binational investment in conservation.

Sharks Ahead: Realizing the Potential of the Convention on Migratory Species to Conserve Elasmobranchs

This analysis reveals that strict national protections for Appendix I-listed species (particularly sawfishes and mobulid rays) are still lacking in many CMS Party Range States.
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