Save Our Texas Treasures Factsheet

Named for its rolling hills, the Hill Country’s landscape is shaped by aquifers and springs that channel groundwater. These essential waters are home to several

Conoce al Ocelote un Sobreviviente de Texas

En el siglo 20, la pérdida de hábitat, los esfuerzos de erradicación de depredadores y la demanda voraz del comercio de pieles y mascotas afectaron gravemente a las poblaciones de ocelotes en todo el hemisferio occidental.

Meet the Ocelot, A Texas Survivor

In the 20th century, loss of habitat, predator eradication efforts and voracious demand from the fur and pet trades severely impacted ocelot populations throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Funding opportunities for land trusts to conserve wildlife habitat

With two-thirds of land in the Lower 48 under private ownership, many species of conservation concern, including federally protected species, depend on these woodlands, grasslands, wetlands, marshlands, rangelands, and croplands. Land trusts can serve an important role in protecting and recovering wildlife on private lands nationwide.

Land Trusts and Wildlife Conservation

With two-thirds of land in the Lower 48 under private ownership, many species of conservation concern depend on private land. Following are examples of land trusts conserving wildlife.

Wolverine Watchers Five-year Project Report

Citizen-Based Multi-Species Forest Carnivore Monitoring in the Bitterroot National Forest

2020 Accomplishment Highlights Report

Defenders' annual Accomplishments Report highlights our progress over the past year protecting wildlife and wild places across the organization.

Please Conserve Greater Sage-Grouse in the Final FY 2021 Interior and Environment Appropriations Bill

This is a letter groups are submitting today (11/18/2020) to Congressional leadership asking them to end the rider prohibiting the Fish and Wildlife Service from

Wolves and Livestock

How wolves and livestock can share Colorado's landscape, based on lessons learned from the Northern Rockies.
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