“The Biodiversity Law Center exists to stem the biodiversity crisis through proactive science-based legal and policy strategies. Our goal is to develop, implement and defend long-lasting solutions targeting the factors threatening our wildlife and ecosystems.”  

-McCrystie Adams, Vice President, Conservation Law and Director, Biodiversity Law Center


The Biodiversity Law Center works at the intersection of conservation law and scientific analysis to advance durable, long-lasting wildlife protections where they are most needed to stem the decline of biodiversity, to strengthen the implementation of the Endangered Species Act, and to expand protections for imperiled wildlife and their habitats on federal lands and in our oceans.

The BLC and its dedicated legal team is a critical component of Defenders’ multipronged approach to maintain, strengthen, and expand our nation’s legacy of wildlife conservation and protection of imperiled species and ecosystems. The BLC’s dedicated and passionate legal team leverages conservation law and courtroom savvy to hold agencies and other stakeholders accountable for complying with the Endangered Species Act and other legal mandates for conserving wildlife and public lands.  

Meet Our Legal Team

McCrystie Adams

Vice President, Conservation Law

& Director, Biodiversity Law Center

Lisa Saltzburg

Senior Attorney


balanced scale

Jane P. Davenport

Senior Attorney

Sierra Weaver

Senior Attorney

Monique Paul

Biodiversity Law Center Coordinator

Ellen Richmond

Senior Attorney

Daniel Franz

Staff Attorney



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